Monday, April 23, 2012

Fat is No Fun

If you are an animal, fat is no fun. 

It probably isn't fun for a human either, but if you have gorged yourself to the size of a beached whale, I don't care if you have fun.

There are people with pea-sized brains who apparently equate love with food and almost love their pets to death.  Dogs and cats get all the same fat related diseases that people get, feel just as miserable, then die.

The difference is that pets are victims of their human owners.  Fat humans have choices.

People who are too stupid or lazy to care for a pet and her health should not be allowed to have a pet and should be caged.

This little bundle of fur name Meow is almost 40 pounds.  She is currently in a shelter and on a weight loss diet.

I rest my case.

Happy Trails!
Mimi McMouth

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